Course of cat juding at cat shows

Considering breed, color, sex and even a title; at FIFe cat shows, cats are being judged in one of 17 classes. Unlike dog exibitons, one judge at cat exibitions doesn’t have to judge all cats of one breed, especially if there are numerous varieties(colors). At cat shows, cats are divided by colors. Within color groups, cats are divided also by their sex, age and titles( class they belong to). The biggest difference between dog and cat shoes is that that on cat shows , neutered cats can compete.

Kitten has to be at least 4 months old to attend cat show. Kittens are judged in category 12( 4-7 months) and 11(7-10 months). When cat is 10 months old, it competes in class 10(open class) with other cats of same breed, color and sex, for certificate CAC. After 3 cat shows and 3 CAC titles, cats becomes CH( champion). After that follows judging in higher classes for title IC( International Champion) and all the way up to SC( Supreme Champion). All those rules also apply to neutered cats (even numbered classes). Below you can see table with classes and their names, titles, cartificates names, minimal required points and minimal required of won certificates to enter higher class. Also there you can see minimal number required of different judges that judged the cat and number of countries in which you must win certificate.

Title Supreme champion and Supreme premior is used for cats that fullfilled requirements after 1.1.2009. Until then, title that was used for those kind of cats was: European champion/European premior. That title wasn’t appropriate, because of many new members from other continents. Title European champion/premior has the same meaning as Supreme champion/premior. Only difference is the date, when was the title obtained. Cats with that title, which continue competing at cat shows, win prize of honor.


For cat to win one of the certificates, it needs excellent mark and be first in her class. For every breed there is the standard, which describes ideal cat. Standad has points for shape of the head, body, color and shape of specific cat breed. Ideal cat would have 100 points. For every, so called mistake, points get taken away. For good mark, cat must have at least 61 point, for very good mark 76 points and for excellent 88 points. To get certificate CAC/CAP, first cat in her class needs to have at least 93 points( look up the table).

If there are at least 3 cats from the same breed and color, title BIV(Best in variety) is given to the cat that has most points according to the standard. If there are enough cats of the same breed and variety, BIV can win the best adult cat and best kitten(if there are enough kittens in class 12 and 11). BIV gives every judge within cats he judges.

Within cats of specific category after judging all cats, judge gives nomination for BIS(Best in show) to one best kitten(4-7), (7-10), best adult male and female and best neutered male and female. Those cats compete in Best in show programme, where judges vote , which cat is the best according to them. Cat with most votes wins title BIS. At the end of the show, there can be giving of BOB title( Best of Best) within cats that won BIS title. BOB title give judges that judge all categories, from last place to first.

At show, domestic neutered cats can also compete, that compete within their class. Veterans and litters can also compete. There is also class 15, which is consisted from cats that are at the show, but not competing.