Felinological organization Split – FDS

Felinological organization Split was founded in 8.8.1991. In february 1992.it already joins SFDH. At cat show in Ljubljana they attended committee of SFDH. Since 1993.they organize cat shows on regular basis. In 1994.they had their first international cat show and second one was in 1997 in sport center Gripe. In the end, they had to cancel that last show, because there simply wasn’t enough cats.
FD Split in 2001.had 17 members from which 7 are breeders.Few members are active and successful exhibitors. We hope that organization will soon have enough members, willpower and resources to start organizing cat shows again. Cat shows are great event where members can connect and admire cats together.

ADDRESS: Vrzov dolac 18, SPLIT 21000
TEL.: 385 21 482 255
EMAIL: ackittens@yahoo.it
OIB: 70245254748
IBAN: HR1223600001102928469

PRESIDENT: Davorka Alfirević ( ackittens@yahoo.it )
VICE PRESIDENT: Martina Šiljeg (martinasiljeg1@gmail.com )
SECRETARY: Nada Štambuk (nimbusch@yahoo.com )
TREASURER: Nada Štambuk (nimbusch@yahoo.com )
BREEDING DIRECTOR: Davorka Alfirević ( ackittens@yahoo.it )