Felinological organization Zagreb – FDZ

Felinological organization Zagreb was founded in 14.7.1991.

It focuses felinological work and directs felinological policy, also it coordinates activities within its members, works on improving of felinological culture,moral and ethics; it takes special care about cat breeders that are core of felinological development. It promotes felinology through media, is active in work of SFDH. It organizes cat shows, develops cooperation between cat lovers and cat breeders, helps in exchange of knowledge within breeders and other cat lovers. It improves its members in cat breeding, keeps data about its members(breeders and others) and it improves felinology as it is stated here.

ADDRESS: Vinogradska cesta 2a, ZAGREB 10000
TEL.: 385 1 377 6221
WEB: www.fd-zagreb.hr
EMAIL: FDZagreb@gmail.com
OIB: 38534111809
IBAN: HR7023600001101510158

PRESIDENT: Gordana Dimić ( gogadimic@gmail.com )
VICE PRESIDENT: Marina Han ( marina.han.hr@gmail.com )
SECRETARY: Amelija Leopoldović (FDZagreb@gmail.com )
TREASURER: Gordana Baranašić ( gordana.baranasic@gmail.com )
BREEDING DIRECTOR: Vesna Rižnar Rešetić (vriznar@net.hr )