Felinology in Croatia has its beginning in the 80s of the last century. At the time, Croatia was a part of Yugoslavia. Many of our members, the founders of today’s Association, already then bred cats with pedigree certificates, which unfortunately has not been internationally recognized. Breeders were members of society“Mali uzgajivači“ from Bjelovar club breeders of purebred cats. This society, in addition to breeding cats, were involved in the breeding of small animals. For father of felinology in the field of Yugoslavia, certainly can be considered Mr. Laszlo Szlivka from Backa Topola. In the former Yugoslavia’s most advanced breeders were the breeders of the Republic of Slovenia. They had already in 1987 established his association, and in 1988 were admitted into the World felinological organization (FIFe).

Our breeders have joined the Slovenian society in order to get internationally recognized pedigree certificates, and to participate in international cat shows. Bjelovar society, unfortunately organized the only cat shows, in which there was no evaluation of cats. Somewhat the idea was born to breeders from the Bjelovar to  establish felinological society in Zagreb, which would join the Slovenian organization and as such enter the FIFe. This was done in 1990 but the situation in that moment prevented further effort . As in 1991 came to the disintegration of Yugoslavia and the independence of the country in its territory, in February 1992, was established theAssociation of the Croatian Feline Society (SFDH). Members of the SFDH started the process of joining SFDH in FIFe. The former presidents were dr. Župčić, followed by dr. Tomislav Babic. 1993 the General Assembly of FIFe in Warsaw admitted SFDH under the patronage. This is a common procedure that runs for every Nation who is a candidate for full membership.

The FIFe sets strict conditions for admission, but also assigns a mentor to each candidate, who leads and supervises its operation to full membership. Candidates for admission must keep its breeding book, issue its pedigree certificates, which already carry the emblem of FIFe, to have its statute and breeding rules. Also, it must organize cat shows with international judges. SFDH was under the patronage of Luxembourg and mentor was the president  of luxembourgs organization, former vice president and FIFe International Judge Mark Pohl. These conditions were gradually in all points met with the great efforts of all members of SFDH.In 1994 by the General Assembly in Prague -SFDH was admitted to full membership of FIFe, because in the opinion of the mentor and international judges who judged at the international cat shows in Croatia evaluated positively. The president of the Association at that time, Dr. Miroslav Stiplošek devotedly worked on the further development of felinology. Today SFDH has four organizations: FD Krizevci, FD Split, Karlovac FD and FD Zagreb. Since 1997, has also an international judge for all breeds – Vesna Rižnar-Resetic.

Since 2014.. a second judge for the second category – Peter Dimic

From 2016.god a third judge for second category – Davorka Alfirević


Prepared by: Vesna Rižnar Resetic