Meaning of the pedigree certificate

Future owner that is getting him/herself a cat should know what to expect from the cat that he/she is getting; including temperament, does she/he wants to adopt domestic cat or he/she wants some cat breed because of its characteristics. It is very noble to adopt and save cat but in that way, you don’t know what kind of temperament that cat has, or hair quality, how big it will be,or does it carry some kind of trauma.

If you have an exact idea of what you are looking for in a cat and a pet, then it is better to get cat of specific breed. If you decide to buy that kind of cat( cat with pedigree certificate), you need to know what kind of breed are you getting. Every breed has its own specialty/characteristic like looks, size, hair length, color, temperament, etc.

When most of people decide what kind of breed they want, they think that they don’t need pedigree certificate, because that way they will get cat cheaper. Actually, pedigree certificate is very important document that states origin of cat, her inheritable features, contains information of 4 cat generations before this one. Also it verifies that you are getting exactly what you are buying, which is important if you want to be sure that you bought breed that you wanted.

Besides that, buying cat without certificate ends up more expensive, because most of those kind of cats have many health issues. That way expenses with veterinary end up sky rocketing. Breed cat is only the cat with pedigree certificate.

Kittens that are sold without certificate, usually look like the breed you wanted to buy, or they have only one parent of that breed. Average buyer who doesn’t know much about specific cat breed, can’t tell is it fake or not.

To get certificate, kittens must have parents from that specific breed and they must have pedigree certificates, health tests and marks from cat shows, as well. Their owner must be a member of SFDH and must respect all the breeding rules from SFDH and FIFe(Fédération International Féline). The price of pedigree certificate is about 10 euros(80 kuna). But the health tests, shows, health care, quality food and other things, cost more. That’s why price ought to be high compared to kittens wihtout pedigree certificate.

The most important thing is that this document states that cat has all health tests and cat shouldn’t have diseases that are specific for some breeds. Every responsible breeder knows their breed, knows everyting about potential diseases, so he/she can do everything to prevent them and to have healthy parents and kittens.

Most breeders have at home at least one(mostly both) parent and other ancestors of kitten. Its easy to predict that kitten will be like them.

Kittens with pedigree certificate must stay with their mother for 12 weeks and in that time breeder must clean them from parasites, vaccinate them and implant microchip into them. In the house of responsible breeder cats live as family members. They are used to all kind of noises, activities, people, other animals, etc.

Responsible breeder guarantees healthy kitten but is also there for you. He/she is there to answer your questions, give you advices before you take the kitten but also years after that.

After getting the cat, owner must register his/her ownership and cat, by sending copy of pedigree certificate with microchip number on it, to email or post address of SFDH